Here Are Top 8 Software Disasters From The Past You Should Know!


It was around ten years ago that UK Revenue & Customs lost the personal records of around 25 million child benefit recipients, which was an incident the government was quick to resolve while learning much about mismanagement of technology.

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Know These 6 Tips To Protect Your Smartphone from Hacking


Every cell phone user has their conversations, pictures, intimate text messages and plenty of other stuff has been splattered all over the internet. So, invasion of privacy within your smartphone device can damage anyone’s personal life and livelihood. Over the years since the mobile technology has been adopted by the people numerous politicians, layman and celebrities have fallen victim to having their smartphone hacked from the hackers.

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Know These Top Benefits of Speech Analytics – ROI For Contact Centers


Speech Analytics, when used effectively, can identify Customers’ Needs & Expectations and can indicate the area of opportunities for improvement at both levels – Agents & Business. There are countless benefits of speech analytics as this latest technology helps companies derive actionable insights needed to improve sales, improve agent performance, enhance customer satisfaction, gain marketing intelligence and drive other key metrics.

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Here Is A Surprising Story Behind Invention of an Iconic Phone – Apple iPhone


Scott Forstall, who is leading Apple IOS software division, narrated the surprising story behind the company’s first touchscreen prototype, which ultimately leads to the first iPhone.

It was all started with this unnamed Microsoft exec, who was apparently the husband of a friend of Steve’s wife. Steve used to hate this guy a lot. Whenever Steve had an interaction with this unnamed guy, he would come back home, pissed off.

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